Difference between POF standard account and premium account?

By admin | December 10, 2018

This online dating website offers two-tiered membership system, the Standard Account and the Premium Account.

First thing first, you are probably thinking ‘Does free means waste of time?”

If you live in an area with a small pool of singles or cannot afford to pay for the Premium account, Plenty of Fish is the best option for you.

Let us show you some pros and cons about using the Standard Account.

You can create a free profile also known as Standard Account. The standard account has fewer privileges. The Standard Account will allow you to use all the basic features of it like search functions.

You can create a free profile, search through other users, participate in the forums and email other members and that is what people love about the online dating website.

If you do not want to upgrade to Premium Account, Pof is still very useful and effective dating site for singles.

As one of the most popular free online dating site, Plenty of Fish has a huge amount of users; with an enormous variety. Makes it a preferable online dating site among the users.

In addition, if you are a teenager and still single, This is a great choice for you, many younger women are not ready to pay for the Premium Membership. Therefore, there is a good chance for you to meet up with the perfect partner you always wanted.

Unlike other online dating sites, the POF offers basic features like sending and receiving messages and it does not require the Premium Membership.

You do not have to upgrade your account to Premium Account to see the profiles of other users, which makes it easy to match with other users.

In the Standard Account, the advance search filters give you sheer amount of filtering options so you can easily sort by specific criteria like “education”, ‘income”, and ‘profession”.

Where using the Standard Account is just fine but there are some cons too.

The Standard Account is free and anyone can create a profile so do expect to encounter fake profiles, prostitutes and spammers.

You cannot see the users profile in an extended manner and you cannot know if the women you texted has read your messages or not. In addition, in the Standard Account you will have to see many ads.

Considering the above information, if you decide to upgrade to the Premium Account and search for high quality women you actually want to meet, then you can go ahead and purchase the Premium Membership.

Being an upgraded member, It allows you to see if she read or deleted your message, be highlighted in search results, see who checked your profile, change the username and many more.

Here is the cost of Premium Membership.

There are three plans for the Premium Membership.

‘3 Months’ of Premium Membership.

You can actually get a Premium Membership for three months only and it costs you in a total of $38.70, dividing this amount into three then it will cost you $12.90/month.

6 months‘ of Premium Membership.

Getting a Premium Account for 6 months will cost you $51.00 and $8.50/month.

Twelve months‘ of Premium Membership.

If you spend a lot of time on it and intend to use it for a long-term. We recommend you to buy a Premium Account for 12 months because it is less expensive as compare to 3 or 6 months’ Premium Membership.

The total cost for 12 months of Premium Membership is $81.40 and $6.48/month.

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