How to find a good match on Plenty of Fish?

By admin | December 10, 2018

The world’s largest online dating site Plenty of Fish matches you with people according to your needs. When a new user sign up on online dating site Plenty of Fish, they are asked about their information which also includes the profile picture or display picture of your profile.

As many other popular online dating sites and apps use your location and prefer to find a match for you nearby your location, the plenty of Fish has that feature as well.

While using the Plenty of Fish site or app, Plenty of Fish will request to use your location to search for your match who is the most close to your location.

The first thing people are going to see is your main profile image. Your thumbnail photo is shown on the top bar of images and is shown on the every page of the site. Your profile photo also appears on Meet Me, matches and besides all of the messages you send to someone.

Make sure to use the most attractive photo of yourself as your profile photo so, the people can see how you look and how attractive you are. This can make them interested in matching and meeting with you.

Once the profile picture has been set then the site Plenty of Fish offers a chemistry test where users have to answer a series of questions which will show other user about what kind of a personality you have.

Plenty of Fish Chemistry Predictor uses that information to match you with the person who is looking for the qualities and personality that you already have within yourself.

The Plenty of Fish ultra-match also gives you suggestions for the top 50 most compatible users according to your criteria, you can check their profiles, see their pictures and decide whether you want to connect with the certain person or not.

The online dating site Plenty of Fish also gives you suggestions based on you search results, with the help of these you can easily find someone you are most probably to be interested in.

In Ultra match you can simply swipe left of right between the profiles of other user where you can see their profile pictures and you are asked to click on the ‘tick‘ button if you are interested to meet with them or click on the ‘cross‘ button if you are not interest to meet them.

If you both click on the ‘tick‘ button than you both will become mutual match and can start chatting with each other.

When you finally choose a perfect match for yourself you can request the certain person for matching. The person you are interested to match with will receive a notification and they have a choice to accept or decline the matching request.

If they accept the request than you can both can decide that you want to chat with each other not and if it goes successful, you can even have a meeting with each other.

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