Can we find a match overseas or nearby only?

By admin | December 10, 2018

The quest for finding love and romance on online dating website is trending rather than finding your love in a traditional way. Plenty of Fish is the most popular and well known online dating websites in the world of online dating and match making.

The site claims that over 50,000 new user signup for POF account each day and over Three million users are active everyday using the app to catch the fish they always dreamed for.

Besides the active users and new signups daily, the total number of the members of Plenty of Fish including those who hold the both Premium and Standard membership account are over 100 million and paid members who hold the Premium Membership account are around 500,000, which is quite big in numbers.

Just like all of the other online dating websites and apps, it has a similar feature that it uses your location to find the people for you who are located at the nearest location where you live which makes it very easy to meet people and start a good relationship.

This feature is common in every other online dating app and website because experts advised to stay away from the distanced relationship because the distanced relationships are much unexpected.

You don’t know if someone is cheating on you, you cannot see each other for a long time which is not good for relationships,

However, there is a chance that you might find a match who is far away from you and resides in a different country. Because of this vast amount of users, they are from all around the world.

But you should think very carefully before availing the chance of getting hooked with someone who is not located nearby and resides in a different country, there’s hardly any chance that you will meet with your match in person.

All you can do is to text or call each other but after sometime the urge to meet with your love one will create obstacles in the relationship and you might end up breaking up with each other.

If you are a traveler and travel from country to country for any reason then you can go for overseas women, the choice is always yours there are no restriction about matching a girl who is not living nearby your location.

However, Experts said that in a long distance relationship all you can do is to communicate with other in a good manner and expect to talk to each other most of the time, still no matter how good you are at communicating with your partner, you and your partner will experience misunderstandings, hurt feelings and conflicts at some point.

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