How does Plenty of Fish (POF) works?

By admin | December 10, 2018

Plenty of fish is an online dating site where you can find and meet with your dating partner, make new friends or find a perfect long term relationship in a short amount of time.

The Plenty of Fish is a mixture of matchmaking service and a dating site because it can match you with either short term relationship or long term relationship. You can also find and meet with your soul mate.

POF matches you with the people according to the criteria that you have nominated while registering the account or you can browse freely and search for other users and match with your nominated partner according to your own choice.

The match making capability gives suggestions for you of the top 50 most appropriate users that match your criteria to help you pick a perfect match.

This is the world’s largest dating site because it combines all the features of other dating sites and apps on the market.

You can search for other users based on their location or your own location. The users have an option of tick or cross on their profile you can select cross or tick if you’d be keen to match.

This site does not connects in to your other social media platforms for signing up or to draw information about you friends or about your interests.

It has a precised profile questionnaire up front. These includes questions like Do you own a car? Type of relationship, education, desire to have children etc. In the questionnaire profile all the questions must be answered and all the fields are mandatory to proceed.

You can send messages to other users which is absolutely free and easy. Messages function works just like the other messengers you can type your text message and send it to the other users and you can also get a reply from receivers.

Plenty of Fish has a communication feature that you can record your voice message and send it to another user.

During profile creation you are also asked about the dating intent and answers including ‘I want to date but nothing serious‘, ‘I am looking for a long term relationship‘, ‘I just wants to be friends‘ etc.

These details gives you a perfect idea what someone is looking for and this helps find out that you both are looking for the same type of relationship.

POF also considers your background by asking questions like ‘If your parents are still together‘, ‘How long have you been in a relationship‘ etc.

To ensure the user who wants match with you should know about your background and make you compatible or less compatible with other users.

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