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By admin | October 3, 2018

POF Login: Signing into the Plenty of Fish account is not difficult. You can easily sign in to the Plenty of Fish (www.pof.com) account and have a fast access with this amazing online dating website where thousands of couples have already been made till now.

Maybe it be a long term relationship or a short term single date relationship the Plenty of Fish (POF) has played a vital role in many people’s life to help them meet with each other.

www.Pof.com Login Steps

Now, let’s start with the sign in procedure step by step.

  • Open your web browser and type the URL www.pof.com or www.plentyoffish.com, you will land on official login page of the online dating website.
  • You will see the “Username/Email” and “Password” box on the upper right side of the page.

    POF Login Easy Steps

  • Enter your username or your email address in the “Username/Email” specified box. Make sure that you are using the correct email or username before continuing.
  • Enter your password in the “Password” box. Keep in mind that the online dating website Plenty of Fish (POF) is case sensitive so check if the caps lock key is on or off before entering your password.

    Login to www.pof.com account.

  • After completing both fields, click on the button “Check Mail” .

    POF Account Login Guide

  • After confirmation, you will have a fully verified and active POF account.

Simple Steps to Follow for POF Login

www.pof.com Sign in Guide

The official website POF is really hard to use in your mobile phones and www.pof.com is not optimized for mobile phones so screen size doesn’t match.

If you go to the official website on your mobile phone you can see it’s really small and hard to read and it tough to navigate so Plenty of Fish came up with the official android app for mobile users.

Signing in to the pof account in the android application is very easy.

Just download the Plenty of Fish app for free in our android device from Play Store and open the Plenty of Fish app.

Enter your username or email in the given fields and enter your password than tap on the “login” button.

Now you have been logged in to your Plenty of Fish account in you android device.

Login to www.POF.com using iOS Device

Signing into the Plenty of Fish account in your iOS device is not much different than signing in to the android devices.

You can download the latest version of the Plenty of Fish (POF) app from iTunes for free.

Plenty Of fish Login

Once you have downloaded the Plenty of Fish app, open the plenty of Fish app and enter your username or your email and then enter your password in to the given fields.

Tap on the “login” button, now your Plenty of Fish account is logged in to your iOS device.

How to hide Plenty of Fish account?

Everyone needs their privacy and you might have some reasons to hide your profile from a particular user or you want to stay hidden from other Plenty of Fish users.

Thanks to the online dating site Plenty of Fish can understand all of your privacy problems and hiding Plenty of Fish account is very simple and you can hide your plenty of Fish account with the help of some following straightforward instructions.

Hiding Plenty of Fish account means restrict some users to view your profile. Your plenty of Fish profile will still be viewable to those users whom you want to show your Plenty of Fish profile while other plenty of Fish users cannot view your profile.

If you decide to change your privacy to public, you can unhide your profile anytime.

On the flip side deleting your profile is permanent and you cannot reactivate it after deleting you plenty of Fish account and after deleting your account your profile will not be visible to anyone.

Here are some simple step by step instructions for hiding plenty of Fish account.

    • Login to your plenty of fish account.
      • Before you can make any changes to your profile you must have to login to your plenty of Fish account by entering your username and password in the required fields and click on the “Check mail” button.
    • Click on Edit profile.
      • Once you are logged into your plenty of Fish account, click on “Edit profile“, this is located at the top of your screen towards right before the link “Help“.
    • Click on the link To hide your profile, click here.
      • After clicking on the link of “Edit profile” a list of several links will appear. At the top of the page you will see the link “To hide your profile, click here”.
      • Go ahead and click on that link, this will hide your profile from other users and they cannot view your profile, pictures that you have uploaded or any of your activity.
    • To unhide you Plenty of Fish profile.
      • Once you have hidden your profile and not everyone can view your profile. This is quite boring and you have fewer chance of getting matched with someone.
      • If you are ready to unhide your profile you can easily do that.
      • Just like those simple steps you used to hide your profile, you can use those steps to unhide your profile as well.
      • Login to your Plenty of Fish account and click on the link “Edit profile“.
      • Now you will see a line of texts “In order to unhide your profile from other users, click here”.
      • When you click on that link, your profile will be shown to other users and they can view all of your activities, your pictures and other stuff that you have uploaded in your profile.
    • Limits of hiding your profile.
      • If you hide you profile on Plenty of fish, that means you will no longer appear in the bar of search results or images, however there are still some users who can view your profile. Those are:
      • Users you made contact with after hiding your profile.
      • Users who have messages in your inbox.
      • Users on your favorite list.
      • Those users who have you on their favorite list.
      • Users who search you by your username in the username search.

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