Can Underage use the online dating site Plenty of Fish?

By admin | December 10, 2018

The online dating website is the fastest growing site, however before signing in you should know that Plenty of Fish can be very useful as well as very frustrating if you go in the dating site unaware.

The owners of POF don’t want underage people to use the online dating sites like it, so that is the reason they always ask about the age whenever a new member sign into the site.

Still the site does not have a legit way of screening the underage’s and restrict the use of POF for those are not legal and underage.

With Millions of users of the app, there can be a lot of girls who are younger than 18 years old and you might encounter someone like that.

First of all, if she is underage The App will not give access to their account but if she is a smart teenager, she can use a fake profile with fake age and cause a lot of trouble for you and other users of it.

If you are not aware and not careful and so obsessed with finding someone for a relationship, then you might get scammed by an underage who have not entered her real age in the profile.

You can get scammed like, she can black mail you about reporting the police that you’ve been texting and sending illegal messages and pictures to a girl who isn’t even 18 years old and legal yet.

This might get you in trouble if you don’t take precautions before connecting with someone.


Under California Panel Code Section 311.4, a person who shoes revealing photos to someone who is not legal and younger than 18 years than can result in a sentence of $2000 in fines and upto one year in county jail, or both.

Hundreds of people have fallen victims to this but they are so embraced and afraid to report to the police or even tell anyone about it.

You are looking for love, but end up in a fear of arrest, even worst you believed you’ve been tricked into breaking the law. And the allegation is so terrible, it can ruin your life as well as your reputation.

Even though you are innocent and don’t want to get hooked with someone who is not legal yet. You should take some precautions like,

Avoid sexting at all cost. If you and your partner are over 18 years old then there is not any problem but if your partner is not 18-year-old and she isn’t legal yet, then this could get you in a lot of trouble because the law does not allow you to send revealing pictures to the someone who is not legal.

So always be careful and don’t take this step unless you are dead sure and build trust with your partner.

One of the thing that you should do is to ask for age first. Most men don’t ask it when they start talking with their match because they think that is not a comfortable question for the girl, but for your own safety and satisfaction you should ask her first and try to verify her age somehow.

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