POF – Plenty Of Fish

The Plenty of Fish (POF) is one of the most popular dating site in the world and turning singles into mingles for decades.

Over 90 million users are registered including the ANDROID and IOS apps of Plenty of Fish to find their love and relationships and that is the reason why they claim to be one of the largest website in the planet.

POF: Basic Information

Unlike other free online dating app, Plenty of Fish provides you as many as unique features without any additional charges, that is the main reason why Plenty of Fish is loved by everyone.

Here are some points that you need to know before getting started with Plenty of Fish.

Basic Info about POF

POF: Plenty Of Fish

Once you have registered your account with the plenty of Fish. Choose a good username, it’s better to use your real name in your username because whenever you send a message to someone your username will be right next to your message and a good username makes an instant impression on your matches.

Create a profile in a manner that shows what kind of personality you have and what you are looking for in your partner.

Take a serious care in writing the section “About me” because this section shows that what type of a person you are and what personality you have.

Your matches will always look into your “About me” section and if its written good then your first impression will be good which is very useful for winning someone’s heart.

Create POF Account

Plenty of Fish (POF) is one of the best online dating website established in 2003 by founder Markus friend, where you can meet your soul mate and have a perfect, long lasting and stable relationship.

Over ninety million users are registered on the official website and over three million users are currently active on the website and more than 55000 new sign ups daily.

The website (POF) is free to use means the user can enjoy many features for free.

Sign up for POF Account

Here is the step-by-step procedure for creating an account on POF, the online dating website.

  • You need to open the official website of Plenty of Fish, open the web browser and type the URL https://www.pof.com/.
  • You will see the register button on the upper-right corner, click on that button to register your free account. Or you can directly go to the POF registration link.

    Create POF Account

  • The register page will appear after clicking on the register button, you will see the login terms on the register page read them carefully and enter you correct information which is required.

    Plenty of Fish Sign up

  • Enter your username in the “Username” field. Try to use a unique username which is not taken by another user so that people can reach you easily.
  • Enter your account password in the “Password” box. For a strong password try to use the combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Password must be of at least 6 character long.
  • Type your Email in the “Email Address” box and re-enter you Email in “Confirm Email” box for confirmation.
  • Use the Email address you are most active on for password and other configuration issues for future.
  • Choose your gender Male or Female by clicking on “Gender” in the drop down menu.
  • Choose your Date of Birth from “Date of Birth” list.
  • Choose you country by clicking on the “Country” list.
  • Allocate your Ethnicity in the “Ethnicity” drop-down list.
  • After completing all the fields click on the button “Continue” to register your account.
  • After registering your account select all the images that match the label like Jet Ski, Street sign board etc.
  • The next step is to complete the questionnaire, enter all your valid information in this step to meet your soul mate. This may contain your personal information.
  • By completing the questionnaire below the matching system will connects you with the people that are related to your qualities. In this the questionnaire below all fields are mandatory and must be filled with correct information.
  • Attach your public profile so that people can see how you look.
  • After completing all the fields in the questionnaire click on the button “Create my profile now!” which is located at the bottom of the page.

Few Tips about POF

Your first impression was good? Congrats, so when he finds out that you have a good personality and good sense of humor by reading your profile, now she will look for your photos to see how you look and if you are attractive to her or not.

Upload your photos in your profile and choose your best photos, add both face and body pictures so that she can decide to pursue a conversation.

Basic users can upload maximum 8 photos and paid members can upload maximum 16 photos. You don’t need to fill the slots, if you have fewer pictures that can be enough to catch someone’s eye then it’s all you need.

Photos are the most crucial way to catch someone’s eye in every online dating sites. Make sure to use the best photos of yourself. Get help from your family and friends to choose the best photos for uploading on Plenty of Fish.

Plenty Of fish tips

Make sure that your profile is well written. Use the correct spelling, punctuation and grammar and check for it again to make sure you’ve done it right before you post.

Use descriptive language, avoid using just adjectives for example if you love traveling than don’t just right that you traveled to that place. Tell a story of that experience that paints the picture.

Reading some adventurous story is far better than just reading adjectives.

When you message someone, try to be more friendly. You don’t have to me former, girls like those who talk in an informal way and those who are funny.

Use an icebreaker to introduce yourself and try to be expressive and make the conversation more advance by asking questions. Asking more and more questions will also make a good impression because it shows that you are interested in learning more about your potential match.

Now you know every basic step to get started on Plenty of fish and you can easily catch your fish without any disappointment.

This is how you can easily create an account for POF (Plenty Of Fish). If you need any help related to www.pof.com feel free to contact us.